Pasadena, CA
Nov 10, 2022

ADU Completion in Pasadena, CA

Recent completion of a brand new ground up 1,800 Sqaure Foot ADU in Pasadena, CA

ADU Completion in Pasadena, CA
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Sophie Moore
Pasadena, CA
Surface Area
1000 Sq Ft
ADU - Additional Dwelling Unit (Garage Conversion)

Project Portfolio: Ground-Up Construction of an 1,800 Square Foot ADU in Pasadena

Project Overview:

In the heart of Pasadena, EA Build and Design has completed a ground-up construction project, delivering a brand-new 1,800 square foot Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU). This modern, well-equipped unit provides the homeowner with an excellent source of passive income, with potential rental income estimated at about $2,500 per month. Moreover, it promises to be a comfortable, delightful place for future residents to call home.

Project Details:

This ADU project started from the ground up, giving us the opportunity to custom design and build a space that's efficient, aesthetically pleasing, and built to last. Spanning 1,800 square feet, the design of the ADU reflects a thoughtful blend of functionality and style.

The ADU features a modern, open floor plan to maximize space and provide flexibility in usage. We paid careful attention to natural light and ventilation, incorporating large windows and optimizing the building's orientation. We designed the unit with multiple rooms to accommodate different needs and preferences, making it ideal for a family or individuals who value extra space.

The build quality showcases our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. We used high-grade materials and finishes throughout the ADU, ensuring its longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Outcome and Benefits:

The completion of this new ADU in Pasadena presents a fantastic opportunity for the homeowner to generate a robust passive income stream. With the potential for rental income of about $2,500 a month, the unit can quickly become a profitable asset.

Beyond the financial benefits for the homeowner, the ADU also provides value for the future residents. They will enjoy living in a new, modern unit constructed with attention to detail and fitted with contemporary amenities.

This project also illustrates the potential of ADUs to leverage underutilized land for housing and income generation, contributing to addressing housing needs in Pasadena.

At EA Build and Design, we're proud to have delivered this ADU project to the homeowner's satisfaction and look forward to creating more such high-quality living spaces that benefit homeowners and residents alike.

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