Ehsan Abdollahian

Ehsan Abdollahian

CEO & Founder

Ehsan Abdollahian is a highly accomplished construction professional with a remarkable journey in the industry.

About Ehsan Abdollahian

Ehsan Abdollahian is a highly accomplished construction professional with a remarkable journey in the industry. With a strong educational background and a wealth of experience, Ehsan Abdollahian has established himself as a leader in the field.

Having pursued his Bachelor's degree in Construction Management at Southern Polytechnic State University, Ehsan Abdollahian developed a solid foundation in the technical aspects of the construction industry. During his undergraduate studies, he honed his skills in project management, construction methods, and building codes, setting the stage for his future success.

Driven by a passion for continuous learning and professional growth, Ehsan Abdollahian pursued a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at American University. This program expanded his knowledge beyond the technical aspects of construction, equipping him with strategic business acumen, leadership skills, and a broader understanding of the industry's dynamics.

With a comprehensive educational background and a deep understanding of both construction and business principles, Ehsan Abdollahian founded his own construction business, EA Design & Build. As the managing director, he brings a unique blend of technical expertise, strategic vision, and business acumen to the company. Under his leadership, EA Design & Build has thrived, establishing a reputation for delivering exceptional quality, innovative designs, and exceptional client service.

Ehsan Abdollahian approaches every project with a meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that client objectives are met while adhering to strict budgets and timelines. His ability to effectively communicate with clients, subcontractors, and team members ensures that all stakeholders are engaged and informed throughout the construction process.

Beyond his professional achievements, Ehsan Abdollahian is known for his commitment to ethical business practices, sustainable construction methods, and giving back to the community. He actively supports local initiatives, engages with industry associations, and promotes social responsibility within the construction sector.

With a proven track record of success and a genuine passion for the industry, Ehsan Abdollahian continues to make a significant impact on the construction landscape. His dedication to excellence, combined with his diverse skill set, positions him as a trusted and influential figure in the field of construction management.

He Specializes In:

• Work with the client from the start of each project to ensure you understand the project scope and vision.

• Oversee the beginning of each turn-key project, including details like permit submission and design evaluations.

• Communicate with project team regarding ASI’s, RFI’s, and Material Submittals.

• Create the schedule for each level of project and manage critical path.• Prepare & process change events and change orders.

• Collaborate with the architect and construction crew to ensure feasibility of each project.• Conduct meetings on-site with architect, client and construction crew.

• Negotiate with vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.

• Prepare and submit project estimates to clients.

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