ADU - Additional Dwelling Unit (Detached & Attached)

ADU - Additional Dwelling Unit (Detached & Attached)

Transform your garage into a rentable accessory dwelling unit or family entertainment zone

ADU - Additional Dwelling Unit (Detached & Attached)
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ADU - Additional Dwelling Unit (Garage Conversion)

The concept of an Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU), also known as a garage conversion, has gained traction in recent years. As homeowners seek to unlock the full potential of their properties amidst evolving living situations and space constraints, an ADU provides an excellent opportunity to create an independent living space right in your backyard.

The EA Build and Design team specializes in transforming existing structures, such as garages, into fully functional, standalone units that can serve as an extension of your home, a private space for relatives, or a source of rental income. Below is a more detailed breakdown of what an ADU Garage Conversion project entails.

1. Thorough Consultation and Design Process

At the start of every ADU project, we sit down with the homeowner for a thorough consultation. This involves understanding your vision, discussing your specific needs, and determining how to best utilize your existing garage space. Once we've developed a clear idea of your expectations, we design a comprehensive layout plan that could include a small but functional kitchen, a comfortable living area, one or more bedrooms, and a well-equipped bathroom.

2. Permit Application and Securing Approvals

Securing the necessary permits from local authorities is an essential aspect of any construction project. For an ADU, this includes submitting detailed plans and designs for approval, which may also require assessments by engineers or architects. Our team at EA Build and Design is well-versed in these procedures and will handle all the necessary paperwork and negotiations, ensuring the project remains compliant with local regulations and building codes.

3. Detailed Construction Process

With the design approved and permits in hand, the actual construction work begins. This process starts with preparing the site, which may involve some demolition work, clearing debris, and setting up the required safety measures. The next steps include making the necessary structural alterations to convert the garage into a living space. This often involves raising the floor to install insulation, modifying the roof for additional height or to add skylights, and creating openings for doors and windows.

Next, we install essential utilities such as plumbing and electrical systems. This may involve trenching to connect the ADU with the main house's utilities, setting up new connections, or upgrading existing systems to accommodate the extra load. Following this, we proceed with insulation installation and drywalling to partition the interior space as per the design.

4. Finishing Touches

After the basic structure and utilities are in place, we proceed to the finishing phase. This includes interior painting or wallpapering, laying down the flooring, installing kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances, setting up heating and air conditioning systems, and installing windows and doors. Our aim is to ensure that the newly created space is not only functional and comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing and reflective of the homeowner's style.

5. Final Inspection and Approval

Once the ADU is complete, a final inspection by local authorities is mandatory to ensure the structure is safe and adheres to all building codes and regulations. This final step is critical to ensure that the ADU is legally inhabitable.

An ADU garage conversion is an extensive project that requires meticulous planning, execution, and adherence to legal requirements. However, the result is a valuable addition to your property that offers a multitude of benefits. With EA Build and Design, you can rest assured that your ADU project will be handled with the utmost professionalism, quality, and attention to detail.

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